Why Step Up?

Israel Makes a Difference

Israel is committed to improving the world through its innovative ideas, technologies, and its humanitarian aid and relief efforts around the globe.

Israel Needs You

Much of the media seeks to delegitimize the state of Israel. There is power in knowing what’s out there, and Israel needs your help to spread the word.

Israel is What’s Right

Israel values freedom, human rights and cultural diversity, and has the only western democracy in the Middle East.

All of us are responsible for the future of Israel and the Jewish people. If we don’t take a stand and become personally involved today, we will deny future generations the opportunity to understand their role in Israel’s history, and to be part of Israel’s future.

STEP UP FOR ISRAEL is an initiative of Jerusalem U, an organization committed to teaching and inspiring people of all ages about Judaism and Israel. To learn more visit www.JerusalemU.org