Why We Do It?

Today, staggering numbers of young Jews feel disconnected from theirĀ heritageĀ and lack a solid understanding of Israel, its history, and its challenges.

On many college campuses, anti-Israel rhetoric and anti-Jewish sentiment are becoming accepted. Some faculty are using their positions to indoctrinate and intimidate students in the classroom, while administrators look the other way. Hillels have been vandalized, and Israel protests, mock “apartheid walls” and “checkpoints”‘ are becoming commonplace.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Will Israel be able to count on American support if things continue as they are?


All of us are responsible for the future of Israel and the Jewish people. If we don’t take a stand and become personally involved today, we will deny future generations the opportunity to understand their role in Israel’s history, and to be part of Israel’s future.

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