It was a great pleasure to meet you and to learn about your extensive outreach and educational efforts on behalf of Israel. Your methodology of drawing upon the power of film, great Jewish minds, and interactive education is novel and impactful. Your newest film, Israel Inside, in my eyes, could help reshape the way Israel is perceived by the world today.”

MK Yuli Edelstein Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs The State of Israel

By supporting Jerusalem U’s Step Up for Israel campaign, we are sparking a passion for Jewish life and learning and enabling students and adults to feel a deeper connection to Israel. We believe this program will become an invaluable resource for all schools and synagogues in our community.”
John S. Ruskay Executive Vice President and CEO, UJA-Federation NY

Our JCRC Israel Advocacy Initiative committee was seeking a tool to bring both positive and relevant information about Israel to the community. We found what we needed and more in Jerusalem U’s Step Up For Israel film series. Since we first began showing the Step Up For Israel series, we have since partnered with 5 other Jewish institutions to bring the complete series to their Synagogue or organization. I would recommend that every Federation, JCRC and synagogue consider utilizing this powerful and cost-effective resource in their community.”
David Snyder Executive Director, Jewish Community Relations Council NJ

Having a passion for Israel, I was excited to start a parent group through our parent/teacher organization. My enthusiasm was curbed though, as I worried my lack of expertise in the area of Israel’s history and policy, would create a roadblock to the great discussion group I envisioned. Along came Jerusalem U! The mini-course was a “dream come true” for me! It provided the absolute perfect topics for our first year of meetings, and even laid out questions to help me in guiding interesting conversations…The vibrant discussions and connective learning stemming from the movie and educator materials is beyond description for me. This program has allowed me to inspire other parents in a way I could never have done on my own.
Felicia Voloschin Atlanta GA

With a radically changing middle east, the need for training future students to Step Up For Israel has never been greater. Jerusalem U continues to be at the forefront of teaching a new generation of students to be proud about their heritage.”
Neil Lazarus Middle East Current Affairs, Public Diplomacy and Effective Communication Training

Let me be the first to congratulate the Step Up For Israel Campaign on an extraordinary film and the very important work that they do.”
Former Rep. Robert Wexler D-FL, 19th district
Click here to view his full speech at Temple Emanu-El in Palm Beach.
On behalf of the entire JSU organization, I wanted to thank you and Jerusalem U for providing us with crucial tools to use in the classroom with respect to Israel education and advocacy. The film “Crossing the Line,” shown at 19 of our public school JSU clubs over the past year (reaching an estimated 400 students), paints a very specific picture of how Israel is portrayed at the college campus level. The shock of the video has spurred many of our students to action – some have become AIPAC enthusiasts, while others are simply better prepared for the responsibility that faces them when they graduate….”
Brad Sugar Director of Operations, JSU – Jewish Student Union
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I firmly believe Israel education is necessary to preserving and strengthening our bond with Israel, It’s incumbent upon us all to educate ourselves, our children and our grandchildren about Israel. And, I think Step Up for Israel is a great way to do it.”
Bernie Marcus Chairman of the Marcus Foundation and a co-founder of The Home Depot

What a great film (Crossing The Line)… we have an obligation to tell the truth, and the truth is very painful one on many college university campuses as we saw in this wonderful film…We have to be out there we have to be turning out cadres of young people who are capable of making the case for Israel and making it well…”
Professor Alan Dershowitz Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
Click here to view his full speech at the Park Avenue Synagogue.
I showed the movie Israel Inside and it was the most successful program we have had so far. After the movie we had a writing competition and we are just reading the responses now and I almost want to cry when I read what the kids have written…I would never have believed the response that we got. One kids wrote and I quote ‘Ï was so happy to see the colours and the children and the treés. We always see war and black and white and fighting. I was ss happy to see that Israel is ‘normal like other countries.'”
Auryt Jacobson Head of Jewish Life and Hebrew, Masada College, Sydney Australia

Israel inside was shown at the Hadassah national board meeting in Dallas Texas. They laughed,applauded and asked if it could be shown in their regions. Everyone was enthusiastic and felt that it should be shared extensively.”
Judy Shereck Hadassah Chair Zionist Affairs

…We have a new battle, battle of public opinion more than ever before especially on the campuses…and this is the time and on the right time Step Up For Israel started and is now established and running forward. We are very proud in the Israeli government, Israeli public and as a private Israeli, to support whole heartedly this initiative it’s a great initiative by great people with great leaders in Israel and in the US supporting this idea. Support. Register. Take the stand for Israel, all of you Jews and Christians”
Opher Aviran Consul General to the Southeast United States
Click here to view his full speech at the Atlanta Kick off event.
Step Up for Israel provided a space for us to answer the difficult questions ourselves and to personally speak up on Israel’s behalf.”
Stephanie Fields Education Coordinator, The Temple – Atlanta

The viewing of Crossing the Line made a big impact on our audience. Having college students who are alumni of our school serve on the panel was particularly impactful. One student related a personal experience involving a swastika; others talked about campus involvement. It was a thought provoking evening.”
Stan Beiner Head of School, The Epstein School

…The film (Crossing the Line) is absolutely fantastic – exactly what is needed, and it takes you so well through the steps of explaining the problem and leaving you on a high note…”
Serena Steinberg

…Everyday, I wake up and think that our synagogue needs additional programming with your organization ‘Step Up For Israel’. When you came last year and held a program … people were clammoring afterwards to learn more. I’d love to speak with you and see how we can bring your organization back to work with our students and our congregants.”
Ellen Glassman, M.Ed. Education Director, Congregation Beth El – Ner Tamid

We had a fabulous response to today’s Step Up For Israel presentation. Today’s video triggered tremendous enthusiasm and support and our audience was eager to get involved in more outreach.”
Valerie Habif Ahavath Achim Synagogue

I reviewed the course, Israel Inside/Out from Jerusalem U …I cannot say enough about how outstanding this course is in every respect. It is creative, comprehensive and easy to follow.”

I just wanted to let you know again how impressed I was with you big event in Atlanta. It was truly fantastic! I would love to get our teens to watch your videos and take classes.”
Chaim Neidtch Jewish Student Union

I met you on Sunday at Beth Am following your presentation and screening of the film, “Crossing the Line.” I am so glad that I attended the program.I was definitely shocked AND surprised by the rapidly growing anti-semetic, anti-Israel movements on college and university campus. I left the room with the same feeling that I had after visiting Israel. I wanted to tell everyone about the film and the program that you presented so they will watch the film, learn about your programs, understand the issues, get involved, and continue to spread the word.”
Alison Feldman

STEP UP FOR ISRAEL is an initiative of Jerusalem U, an organization committed to teaching and inspiring people of all ages about Judaism and Israel. To learn more visit www.JerusalemU.org