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Take advantage of the unique integration of film in the Step Up For Israel Teen Course.

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What is a Flipped Classroom Model? Flipped Classroom is an innovative educational method whereby students watch the films at home, instead of in class.

Why use a Flipped Classroom Model? Teachers can spend the entire class period interacting with their students, helping them internalize the material with discussions and activities.

How do I use a Flipped Classroom Model? It’s easy! Give your students the link and password (provided after registration). Let your students know which film to watch and they can view the films at home!

Some classes provide a Guided Notes handout for students to fill out alongside the film(s). With the Flipped Classroom Model, you can do one of the following:

  • Your students can complete the Guided Notes at home. Don’t forget to distribute the handouts beforehand.
  • Your students can review of the film material by filling out the Guided Notes in class.

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