About Jerusalem U

Step Up for Israel is a project of Jerusalem U. Jerusalem U makes young Jews feel proud of being Jewish and emotionally connected to Israel through engaging and innovative online education. Our programs address the prevalent and growing need to educate and inspire Jewish college students about Judaism and Israel so that they gain a stronger Jewish identity and an appreciation of their heritage. Jerusalem U engages millions of people across the globe with our award-winning films; educates young Jews by providing exceptional educational programs taught by world renowned educators including, former Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, Emeritus Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Professor Bernard Lewis, and Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar; and empowers the best and brightest Millennials to advocate for Israel and to develop groundbreaking solutions for the needs of the Jewish People. Jerusalem U’s educational courses and feature films are available for college students, high schools, adult education and organizations. Jerusalem U is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. For more information, visit www.JerusalemU.org, or contact info@JerusalemU.org.

STEP UP FOR ISRAEL is an initiative of Jerusalem U, an organization committed to teaching and inspiring people of all ages about Judaism and Israel. To learn more visit www.JerusalemU.org